Saturday, May 4, 2013


EDIT 2/5: So Autumn's stupidness has been confirmed, but she's feeling a lot better about the whole situation thanks to the incredible Aeon!♡ The Platforms will go on to live another day~


The last time I saved them, Xander and Ice and Chill were all kids while now they're all young adults. I don't even want to face losing everything I've done since then, so I'm really really hoping to fix the problem! But I honestly think the Pigeon Rock save is kaput. I have no clue what to do now. I'm going to try and be as thorough as I can, so that hopefully someone more tech savvy can save my beloved family. ;_____;

Problem: So I received Error Code 16 when saving. I was a little disappointed but only lost a little gameplay, so after I tried the whole save as another name thing and it still popped up, I decided I'd just restore my backup and deleted all the .bad saves in my folder.
But when I went back into the game I saw this:
and knew something was wrong. I clicked on it and after like a second loading screen got this:

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


  1. Hmmmmmmm....I've had this problem with Sergio and what I did was the create a new world trick.

    You create a new world. Save it under a new name. Then exit sims 3.

    Look in the folder of the corrupted file. In this case. "Pigeon Rock.sims3" or the can try it on the back up first.

    Then see if there is a file missing from the new save that you just made to your corrupted one. Sometimes you'll see a file in the new folder that isn't in the corrupt one. Like a file

    Or you could just replace the file in your corrupted folder with the new one. I would try just doing that first to see if that fixes anything.

    Hope I made sense!

  2. Oh!

    That may be of help! It explains what I did but replacing the file did not work for me I think. I just compared the files from the new save to the old and went from there.

  3. Thank you for the fast replies Aeon, I can always count on you!!♥

    With your help I at least got the backup to load, but then I found that it's a really old backup - like pretty much as old as the family save I have! D<
    I'm so frustrated with my game but mostly with myself, mixing up all my backups and deleting things thinking this was just a minor problem. It looks like I may have to just play through the family again and start posting when I reach generation two. D:

    1. You can just use cheats to get them to where they were. It would be simple to do. Use the cheats to age them up and give them the traits they had and any other thing. I don't think anyone would blame you for using the cheats for this, I know I wouldn't!

    2. Yeah everything can be fixed up and recreated except Xander's woman. She was just a townie but I'll probably end up trying to make her, since they were engaged and all, and poor Xander's pixelated life sucks enough without losing the only girl who ever found him attractive. XD

      And really I can't thank you enough for comforting me through this mini breakdown, I was almost in tears thinking I was going to have to let my beloved Platforms go! Seriously you will never know how many times I think to myself "Wow where would I be without Aeon??" You keep me playing Sims 3~ c:

    3. awwww thanks! You know what you can do about sims like that?

      I had almost lost Tiffany in my legacy because she got lost when I tried to invite her over from the university town. Luckily (and unfortunately at the same time) I found that she was still there if you go back to university so I had just saved her to the sim bin. So I just save these sims to the bin just incase the game screws up!

    4. I've never thought to do that but I'm really going to have to start! About 90% of my simmys end up with townies anyway. ^^;