Monday, June 17, 2013

A lot has happened in 25 years...

A new project is on the horizon! c:
It'll be similar to how my short lived Uberhood ran - mostly just a gameplay log with updates every three days - but I'm adding way less sims so it won't feel as overwhelming to me. 

Mainhood: Pleasantview
Downtown: Magic Town
Shopping District: Belladonna Cove
University: Sim State and Académie Le Tour


  1. Oh sims two! You remind me I actually liked that they connected a downtown to your n'hood! I wish they do that again for the next Sims!

    1. Oh I do love how TS2 allows you to personalize your attached hoods and stuff. :3 But I bet if they put a connected Bridgeport in TS3 - the most badly routed world ever - it would cause everyone's main world to just kerplunk. :|