Wednesday, September 19, 2012

An Ode to Agnes

The moment they told me my body went cold, from muscle to bone to soul. My heart died with Erik. And now my body was stuck wandering listlessly through this house. I felt haunted, with memories of him lurking in every corner. This was supposed to be our forever home, our place to grow and raise a family. But now he was gone. It's almost ironic how I never believed I'd find someone to love. My parents death had been so hard on me and I'd always been a little too weird, a little too quiet. Things were different with Erik though, the moment we met I knew I'd marry him and nothing could tear us apart. But now he was gone. And with him, I'd lost everything everything I'd ever hoped for. So what happens now?
Already Sunset Valley had begun to whisper about me. Oh poor Miss Crumplebottom finally finds a man, then he up and dies. Poor Miss Crumplebottom couldn't handle his passing, everyone knew how unstable she was, and now she'd turned to the occult. Poor Miss Crumplebottom, the horrid witch, will eat the little kiddies if they skip school or miss their bedtime. Of late, even my nephew Morty seemed frightened of me. What I needed was a change of scenery.
So I've packed my things and I'm moving to Moonlight Falls to stay with my rather wacky cousins Beatrice, Belinda, and Bianca. I have no plans for a permanent stay or of selling this house, Erik is buried here after all, but I'm not going to be returning anytime soon either. As I walk out the door that had once made me believe in a wonderful future, and pass the last few boxes on their way to storage, my eyes cloud with tears. I wouldn't look to his grave this time, I was moving forward.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Moonlight Falls

 Oh how I adore Supernatural!♥

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Work in Progress

After more than a year away from Blogger - I'm back! 8} Things have certainly changed for the better around here, and I can't wait to get down to some serious posting. Unfortunately this means the blog will be extremely ugly until I figure everything out, sorry guys!