Saturday, October 6, 2012

Broke - Round 1

Makeovers! :}

I had to redo this three times before I liked the layout. And it's furnished pretty basic due to obviously limited funds, so here's just an overview look for now.

Nice car Angela! :O

Brandi's pregnancy was murder. 
(And it's so sweet how she's still wearing her wedding ring!)

Beau may have grown up badly but he became such an ~intensely~ talented dancer. ;]


Skip Jr entered the world in the typical bathroom birth kind of way. c:

Angela and Dustin speak every morning before school. :3

With Skip's birth, Brandi can now head back to work.

A+ !!

I love these two!

Brandi got a job in her LTW career, her secondary aspiration is Fortune so it was about time she became serious about her job.

Smustles! (:

Complimenting his mother's cooking. n.n

Promotion and 2,000 Simoleans! 8D

And we leave the house with Brandi spending time with her two bestfriends (and two bolters!) Timothy Riley and Darren Dreamer - next round I hope she can pick which she'd like to begin a romantic relationship with. ;D

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