Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Burb - Round 1

The Burbs live in my makeover of
 [UGH and I just now noticed that I messed up the fence in the top left corner.]

Everyone after makeovers. c:

We start off this round with noisy neighbors. -.-

Jennifer's LTW is to own five-top level businesses, so I had her buy the cheapest property.

She chose to run a flower shop and renamed it Lilies for Lucy.

Celebrating John's new job over lunchmeat sandwiches.

Autonomous tuck-ins. (': 

These two are always shnuggling. :}

Jennifer hired Tank Grunt to help keep the shop running.

We all know what this means! ;D

 "Daddy I got an A!" 
"Not now sweetie, Dad is admiring how amazing he is." 

It rains almost everyday at the shop. :|

With another baby coming, Jennifer needed a more mature employee to watch the shop.

But Trisha Traveller was even more incompetent! 


"Not now honey, I'm watching SimStation Dance."

Okaay, no more work until the baby comes!

Oh she's so cute! :3

And I'll leave you with Lucy's makeover, seriously I find her so adorable!

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