Monday, January 28, 2013

Platform Legacy 1.0

New legacy! /o/ 
I've had this ready to post for at least a week now but I've been feeling horrible and didn't have the energy to type it up. I'm still pretty down for the count so pardon any nonsense, I tried my best. ^^;

Meridian Platform
Traits: Lucky, Eccentric, Loves the Outdoors, Loner, Neurotic
Sign: Libra Likes: Dark Wave, Falafel, Orange
LTW: Monster Maker

She lives in this cute little home by joanschnitzel.

Love, though I really appreciate your dedication to the magical art of ~inventing, I'm gonna need you to stop that and make some babies now. 
Meridian: Butbut I don't waaan-
The matter is nonnegotiable.

Meridain: *grumblegrumble* ...stupid one is ever even here...

Meridian: Um sir, sir excuse me - do I know you??

Pizza Guy: No actually, but my name's Bubba. You looked lonely so I thought I'd skate with you...if that's okay? 

Meridian: OOOO Y ME???
What a wonderful way to destroy the moment there dear.

After making a complete spectacle of herself, Meridian fled the fair without another word to the attractive Pizza Guy. But after some consolation only a junkyard could bring her, she asked him out to dinner that night.

[And seriously isn't Pandora stunning??]

At the diner...
Meridian: Thanks for agreeing to see me again Bubba, I'd really like to get to know you a little better. What sort of things do you like to do?
Bubba: Um well, I try to exercise alot. It helps work off all the shrimp. You see, shrimp is the fruit of the sea.

After a full meal of shrimp and shrimp conversation...
Meridian: Bubba you look even more handsome by this dumpster by the light of the moon. We'll have to do this again sometime soon. 

And apparently Bubba took "sometime soon" as "follow me home right now and steal my bed" - seriously these two were still only acquaintances and so this forced Meridian to be stuck on the couch. :|

Meridian: Good morning dear! I picked these for you this morning, because plumbob knows I couldn't sleep on that couch for more than a few hours. I really hope you enjoyed your luxury stay in my bed.
Bubba: *cough* Subtle.

And then he preceded to stay three or four more days, lounging around the house! He's just begging to become a playable.

Bubba: I love it here♥ 
Meridian: Oh while I cook your meals and let you hog my room? No of course you would.

Meridian: Bubba, I have to poop. Seriously move or be pooped on.
Bubba: Butbut it's a full moon and I don't want you to be scared. Plus what if something does get you! You're just too beautiful to die~ 
Meridian: Move. Now.

Later that night, Meridian [finally!] successfully kicked Bubba out, which meant she could really get back to her inventing work.

But the next day I caught her doing this. She pretends to be so annoyed with Bubba when he's around but it's a total ruse - she's completely infatuated! ;}

Now aren't you glad I made you go man hunting?
Meridian: Shuddup, I'm comparing his eyes to a seemless ocean of romance.

Fittingly enough it was Leisure Day, so Meridian decided to invite Bubba back over for a two person slip 'n slide party. [Which also sounds pretty gross. >.>]

Bubba: I'm actually really surprised you invited me over here, I thought you weren't that into me. u_u And it just hurts so much because I love your house.
Meridian: Well just for the record, I hate your hair. Seriously cut it and dye it something less green...but I really, really like the rest of you. ~kisssessys

Then after a full day of snuggling and enjoying the last bits of summer, Bubba had to get back to selling pizzas. But before he left, Meridian made sure to make things official. ;D

Notes from Autumn;;
Well I really hope you liked 1.0! I wish I had some insightfulness and stuff but I feel too icky. ;__; Just know that I'll probably still be away from the community for a few more days but I'll try to get all caught up with everyone's blogs once I feel better. 
 Now I'm off to bed, but I'll answer any comments and emails tomorrow. Love you guys! 


  1. Hey! This was great and now for some reason I do want shrimp so I'm going to blame that solely on you. Shrimp BTW is the most ugly yet tasteful animal...

  2. Thanks Aeon, I had so much fun playing it. :}
    Ohhh so true! And the whole not eating the tail thing? Nooooooot exactly the most attractive food to eat either. ;D

  3. Lol! Best use of gif EVER with Barbie and Ken! LOVE the wittiness!

    1. Awws, thank you! I have so much fun writing about the Platforms and I'm happy to see people enjoying them. c:

  4. I had been wondering where you had gone Autumn, then I saw a new note on your LJ which directed me here. I'm so glad because this legacy is awesome and I'm attempting to get all up to date now :D

    1. Aww sweetheart, I woke up to all your lovely comments and I actually got a little teary!! <3 I've missed chatting with you, though I still completely stalk your Simblr and LJ. ;D

      And I'm so honored that you are enjoying the Platforms! They are actually living in one of your super amazing houses right now. c: