Sunday, February 3, 2013

Platform Legacy 1.1

We begin this update mid-Meridian-meltdown.

Meridian: I'M SURROUNDED BY JUNK!! o-o
It's a little late to start reavaluating your life choices dear.

Bubba: Because you came home and started arguing with me just like an hour ago. ;___;

Meridian I hate to take sides...but maybe you shouldn't yell at Bubba about trash and then immediatly after expect some ~lovin. 

Meridian: But it's all his fault the house is messy and he totally owes me living here rent free and all. :(
Bubba: I'm not your property to use and abuse as needed, thank you very much.

To be honest, I think Meridian is acting all crazy because she's drowning in bills. It's hard to keep afloat on only an inventor's salary. :c

At least she has Bubba around [constantly] to cheer her up. They may have their spats but these two have totally fallen head over heels~

Meridian: Um...what are you doing? I thought we were gonna have some shower woohoo.
Bubba: Yeah, well just give me a minute sugar. 

Ugh seriously you two need to set some boundaries. >.>


At the end of the day, these two are a match made in neurotic heaven.

I love, love, love TS3 rain. {:

Impromptu bathroom engagement!! ;]

Meridian: Hey before we head into the shower for another round of woohoo, I thought I'd ask if you wanna be my husband or something? 


Later that night, Meridian's engagement motivation became clear. ;3

The next morning...
Meridian: Bubba, I love you and I'm not ready to wait - make me your bride here and now!

Bubba: Meri you're insane! But you know what, why not? Will you, right here and now, take this ring and make me the happiest sim to ever live?
Meridian: You know, I've never wanted anything more than that ring Bubba Platform.

Bubba is actually pretty attractive post makeover! Since he's now an official member of the family, iiiit's stat time. c:

Bubba Platform
Traits: Neurotic, Dramatic, Natural Cook, Clumsy, Childish
Likes: R&B, Dim Sum, Turquoise
Sign: Taurus LTW: Bottomless Nectar Cellar

Meridian is both pregnant and sick, taking care of her is exhaustive. D:

Meridian: So...I have some big news. Like baby news.
Bubba: Mmhm, gah do you see how disgusting that stove is? I have to clean that stove. NOW.

 Oh neurotic sims. ^^;

Meridian: Bubba, this is serious! I'm trying to tell you that we're having a baby.

Bubba: Oh wow, awesome. YAAAY. Kill me now.

Notes from Autumn;;
Poor Bubba, he's not exactly the proud babydaddy-to-be that Meridian expects him to be. XD  This one was really hard to write, so I'm glad it's finally out of the way. I've played through about three updates but my game is suddenly giving me some trouble. :| Let's hope I can fix it soon so that I can continue this update every week trend.  Anywho, I hope you enjoyed 1.1 - I'm heading off to get Super Bowl ready!


  1. SUPERBOWL! ANYWAYS......It's good to see they settle down, I'm sure Bubba will be a good he freeloading and making her pay all the bills!?!?!


  2. Oh I was so happy the Ravens won this year! 8D Buut the commercials were pretty lackluster. :|
    Haha and yes, so far all Bubba does is lounge around the house. I'm positive he has a hidden Mooch trait. XD

  3. Great chapter! I like how your founder isn't the typical long haired girl and she's still very pretty.

    1. Haha yeah Meridian is pretty funky looking! While I was making her, it suddenly struck me that she looks rather duck-esk. :3

  4. Read through both chapters and they're really cute!

    Meridian is adorable, and Bubba - I just love his name more than anything!

    Looking forward to meeting the baby :)

    1. Oh I was so happy to find a townie with such a fun name! c: I'm really excited to show you guys MeridianxBubba spawn. ;D

  5. Bubba does look good with his makeover.

    1. I was actually really surprised!! Meridian must have saw something in him that no one else could. c:

  6. Squeeeee, I do love a wedding ♥ Can't wait to meet baby Platform!

    1. Even the quicky, already knocked up, first generation ones? ;D Haha!

  7. hmm which pack has shower woohoo?