Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Meet the Settlers!

After nearly 2 years, I've started a new BaCC! :} 

Emily Ward
 To put it bluntly, facing an eternity of undead-ness seemed miserable. Especially having to dredge through it alone. It's not like any of this was part of Emily's perfectly mapped out plan...though dieing wasn't either. After a tragic pool ladder accident placed her six feet under, the grieving boyfriend of two weeks consulted a coven of rather nasty witches and demanded that his ~true love~ be saved. Feeling ironic and cruel, the women challenged his devotion by breathing new life into her corpse. Much to the disgust of that supposed forever man. And her family. And friends. And well, the entire neighborhood really. There's nothing like burning torches to convince you it may be time for a change. Rushed to the outskirts of Simnation, for years she suffered  and braved the wilds working slowly to tame the landscape. Now that she has the basics ready and a new bounce to her step, she's finally ready to fulfill her dream of creating a haven for all sorts of misfits. 
A safe place to begin again.

Marigold Newson
  From a young age Marigold realized she wasn't very much like the other kids - and really she was quite the expert, being the exact middle child of seven kids - but maybe the oddest thing about little Mari was that she tried desperately to be completely unlike every other kid. From talking to fairies and dreaming about training narwhals, she grew up with her head far in the clouds and away from her poverty stricken circus of a home. By the time she'd made it to Sim State University on an art scholarship, the whole campus whispered about the blonde haired radical always protesting for gnome rights or supernatural equality. For the first time in her life, she'd become close to a big group of students who never wanted to grow up either. Though her protests were actually very valiant, her studies began to slip and eventually she was thrown out of school. To her surprise, none of her pals fought for her the way she would've them. And even worse, she felt that all familiar sense of loneliness upon returning to her still cramped family home. When she caught word of Emily's new haven, she thought that this may be her last chance to really leave the nest - and hopefully find some loyal friends along the way.


Jalen Young
Jalen is bitter. His whole life had been one long bout of bad luck, and now his death seemed to be even more horrible. Born from a long line of gypsy matchmakers, his mother and grandmother saw the mark of their family curse on him the moment he was born during a full moon in Gothier Green Lawns. It's hard to describe bad luck to a person who's never had to face it but to put things simply; everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. It was like having the worst bad day of your life, every day.  And being struck by lightning the morning he transitioned into an adult was just the perfect ending to his meager existence. When the Reaper stood before him, he actually felt an overwhelming sense of relief. Now he would finally know peace. But you see, Grimmy tends to take a fondness to those plagued by unluckiness and he chose to give this pathetic boy one more chance - much to Jalen's displeasure. Insulted by his pure insolence and lack of appreciation [I mean can you imagine all the paperwork bringing someone back from the dead entails?] Grim cursed Jalen to a fate even worse than he could ever imagine, an eternity of having the brain munchies. Fueled by rage, Jalen decended upon Downtown with all the intention of either eating them all or being finally put to death, when a poster caught his eye. "I know exactly how you feel!" The headline screamed, with the face of another zombie looking compassionate. "Join us and win back your freedom!!" Taught to believe in fate, he figured this was as clear to a heavenly sign as one could ever hope to receive. So instead of unleashing pure mayhem, Jalen began the long shuffle to Ayrhurst.

Dominic, Kala, and Cole Cline
When Cole met the exotic and beautiful Kala on vacation in Twikkii Island, he knew his life would never be the same. After a crazy and romantic 48 hour courtship, the two eloped in a beautiful ceremony by the ocean. Of course everyone is flawless for a weekend, but Cole was smart enough to realize they would have numerous obstacles to overcome as a couple. Coming home to Simnation, he had to face his rather conservative parents and tell them all about meeting, wooing, and marrying a native woman on his first trip away from home and how he was going to spend massive amounts of their money to move her overseas. Worse yet for his father, Cole had decided not to keep his family's dynasty name choosing to take Kala's last name instead. They were, as you can imagine, completely shocked and displeased. But Cole shook off their doubts and waited for the day he could reunite with the girl of his dreams. But soon he was to face a huge surprise of his own, when Kala was finally able to fly over she brought with her a burden - that being a rambunctious and crazy twin brother named Dominic. After living a week with this new partying housemate, his parents gave Cole §30,000 and turned their spoiled son out into the cold. With no other choice, and now three mouths to feed, Cole brought them to the new settlement of Ayrhurst. He has high hopes of winning back his fortune and starting a family with Kala. But he would really just be happy to find a new place for Dominic to live as far, far away from him as possible.

Gemma Dedric
Ugly. Gemma had spent her whole life knowing she was ugly. Too ugly for her mother to keep, too ugly to be adopted, too ugly to ever really fit in. Every time she looked in a mirror she felt that familiar sting of rejection, of knowing what it felt like to be truly and completely unloved. When a heart is broken, it can become nasty - such was true in Gemma's case. If she wasn't good enough for anyone than no one was good enough for her. She became dark and mean to survive. Her only escape from the bleakness of a hard life was when she could watch things grow, feel that these little plants needed her as much as she need them. When she heard of a new world without judging; a place that needed it's people to have skills not looks, she immediately signed up. Deep, deep inside she felt the hopeful ache that this may be the chance to find a group of people to care for her. Through it all, that's all she'd ever really wanted.

Notes from Autumn;;
-So this turned out much long than I'd anticipated, I've just fallen so in love with these guys and figured they all deserved proper backstories. Sorry if there are any huge spelling or grammar mistakes, I was just writing to write.
-I'm following these rules in case anyone was curious. I'm going to try my very hardest to stick to everything exactly as specified but I'll probably forget something simple and end up looking stupid. ^^;
-I've actually enjoyed playing way more than taking pictures so the updates probably won't even be 1/4 this long. 
-I really just hope you all enjoyed learning about this crew of misfits and a huge thanks for reading! c:


  1. Oh my, I'm in love with your BaCC already! I can't wait to see these guys in action. I read every word of your backstories, and I have to say that you really did a great job making them believable. My heart goes out to this group of misfits and I hope that their new town can become a much needed haven for them!

    1. That's so kind of you to say, thank you!! :} I'm really glad you enjoyed reading and I hope you grow to love these guys even more as the BaCC continues. n.n