Monday, February 11, 2013

Platform Legacy 1.2

Bubba may be extremely nervous about fatherhood, but he's smart enough to know how lucky he is to have Meridian as his babymomma. :3

Meridian: Oh I wonder if it'll be a boy or girl... :}
Bubba: Or um maybe it's just some gas? Like you're just super bloated or something.
Bubba: Just a joke. You know ha ha funny...or not. At all. Forget it. >.>

Bubba can be so badass.

Let's all just take a moment to appreciate Meridian's ~belly bump. 8D

Meridian: o-o
Oh poor baby. <3 But next time, don't wish to visit haunted houses - especially while pregnant!

Meridian: HOW. DARE. YOU.
Bubba: It was an accident!
Bubba: Meri, way to be a supportive!! It's never gonna happen again.
Meridian:  Gooood. Because any more pee accidents like that and you're out. Baby or not - you're out!

After completely embarrassing himself, Bubba tried to weasel his way back into Meridian's good graces by letting her win at an all out pillow fight war.

Meridian: Getupgetupgetup OHHHBubba getupgetupgetup!!
 Whoa - is this some kind of sick consequence of the pillow fight earlier? I never meant to hurt you!!
Meridian: Oh you are no help, just get me to the hospital!
Bubba: Now? Butbut my first day at the diner starts in like 20 minutes...

Thankfully Bubba was kind enough to drop Meridian off before rushing to work. Isn't he such an amazing husband.
Meridian: I'm forced to walk home, from the hospital, after giving birth, holding my newborn son, IN THE RAIN. I hate him, I hate him, I hate him!

Xander Platform
Traits: Brave, Virtuoso
Sign: Virgo Likes: Songwriter, Autumn Salad, Lime 

Later that night...
Bubba: *Yaaawn* Well what a tiring day! I'm starving and wet and just too exhausted to cook for myself. Maaaybe my lovely Meridian could cook me up a meal?
Meridian: I delivered a being today. Speak to me again and I'll murder you.
Bubba: Kidding, kidding dear! Is there anything I could do for you? ^^;

Oh and what is this? I thought you are going to kill Bubba only 24 hours ago!
Meridian: Hurt this sweet piece of lovin? Never!
Bubba: Oh shnuggles~ ♥ 
You two can be so sickeningly cute. >.<

Bubba: Can we take it back?
...No Bubba. Just no.

Unlike Bubba, Meridian easily took to being a parent. :)


I really do have faith that Bubba will get the hang of family life soon. Hopefully. :|

Time for Xander to grow up!

Notes from Autumn;;
 Cliffhanger ending!! ;D I hope none of you cared that this update was kind of all over the place! >///< And in case anyone missed it, Bubba and Meridian are now available for download here. Have a really awesome day guys! c:


  1. Haha, I totally wanted to see Xander! Not fair :P

    good chapter! I still love Bubba :P

    1. I can't wait to show toddles Xander off to you guys! I'm actually really happy with how he turned out. :D Haha, oh I still adore Bubba - now it's hard to imagine Meridian without him following behind. c:

  2. Prepare for toddler time. I wish we could've seen a picture of Xander before you ended the chapter. It went by so quickly.

    1. Oh I'm actually glad this one didn't come off too wordy! I wish I could've snuck a quick Xander shot into this update but the next one has big changes for the family so that's why. ^^;

  3. Haha...Bubba doesn't know how to use an umbrella! I have little faith in him from now on, but he's funny at least! So that makes up for most things!

    Xander is a cool name!

    1. Bubba is totally my comic relief in this family, sometimes he does things and I'm just all "really now?" XD Aww thanks! I always try to pick really outlandish names in legacies, something about that adds more character to everyone. :3

  4. Welcome to the family Xander!

    1. Xand is my little nugglet, I swear he will forever be the most spoiled Platform baby. :3