Thursday, May 9, 2013

Platform Legacy 1.8

We've finally made it to the end of generation one!! c: Unfortunately it turned out all over the place, because of reasons, but luckily everything has been worked out now. 

I really hope you guys enjoy this update all the same though. 

Chill: She hasn't officially announced heir, but we've totally got it in the bag.
Xander: Guys...
Ice: Totally. We were so far in the lead it nearly brought me to tears for Xander!
Xander: Um trying to play music here guys, maybe you could like go somewhere else?

Chill: It's not our fault we're a complete genetic work of art.
Xander: Uh you know this is my room guys...
Ice: It's just really hard not to feel sorry for someone so horribly lame and pathetic.

Xander doesn't have to deal with the girls much though, as they're rarely even home. Usually you can find them tucked away inside this abandoned mansion, it's kind of their teenage treehouse.

Ice: Can't we just chug down some more nectar? Why homework?
Chill: Because you're failing and dragging me down with you. Just shut up and it'll be finished before you know it.
Ice: *mumblemuble* We always have to do the stuff you wanna do.

Despite throwing a huge birthday party, everyone just hung out with the twins, only Meridian ended up watching Xander age up. XD He gained the Night Owl trait and the Lifetime Want to become a Hit Movie Composer!

Um Xand, how did you just grow a beard overnight?

Meridian: Can't you finish cleaning those dishes a little faster? You're stinking up my kitchen!
Chill: This would go a lot faster if you'd do something to help me here Mother.
Chill: No Ma. D<

Meridian shows total favoritism to Xander, she's constantly making the girls clean/fix things while Xand can pretty much get away with murder.   

Meri spends nearly all her time whining about Pigeon Rock weather to anyone who will listen.
Can't really blame her though!

Meridian shocked me by rolling this want! She's getting ready to become an elder, so I took this as her saying she's just too old for inventing. D:

Ice: Poor Pi, stuck inside that little prison!
Chill: It does seem cruel of Xand to just lock him up.
Ice: He's wild and should be free to roam the world and find lady snakes and to eventually settle down and start a snake family~

And so the twins released Pi behind Xander's back.
When he found out, he was understandably upset.

My Meridian has officially lost her identity as a mad inventor. }:

But at least she's loving the new job! 
She may even take it a bit too seriously, working more now than ever.

Xander: I'm just saying I don't think we should be uh "intimate" before your birthday.
Alicia: I literally age up tomorrow.
Xander: Well yeah, but -
Alicia: This has something to do with the beard right?
Xander: What?! Of course not! Nonono, that'd be ridiculous. ^^;
Alicia: Oh, I totally understand how important it is not to fluster the sacred fake beard.
Xander: Alicia you are a dream lady, I should've known you'd understand!
Alicia: >.> I'm going home.

Bubba didn't exactly age gracefully, but Meridian still thought he was super attractive! ;]

Xander: I have got to move out of this house.

I'm actually surprised that the girls are having so much trouble finding dates, Ice has a tiny crush on someone but it's nothing serious, it's like they see themselves as superior to their classmates and would rather wait until they get out of school to find their special someones.

Meridian *thinking*: Ugh she just walks into my house acting all sweet and wonderful and and just tries to steal my baby boy!

Meridian wasn't the only one on the fence about Alicia the twins pretty much cornered her in order defend their big brother too.

Chill: We know you've hurt Xand before.
Alicia: Well, you see...
Ice: Only we get to hark on how useless and stinky
Chill: and stupid and boring and socially inept -
Ice: Ha! Who are we kidding, how in the world did Xander snag you in the first place?

Chill is the only Platform baby to ever be concerned with school.

Xander: Alicia, everyday you make me realize how lucky I am.

And I drug you out here to this freezing beach, the place we called our own throughout the summer we fell in love,

to ask if you' if you would marry me?


That night Meridian aged into a super cute elder!
I couldn't help but smile when I noticed she still gets this moodlet every time Bubba is near.

Notes from Autumn;;
I hope you all enjoyed this update, despite the fact it seemed all over the place to me. ^^; Generation two will be posted soon! I'm probably forgetting something, but I've really got to rush off and get ready for my first day at the new job. As always thanks for reading guys~ :}


  1. Henceforth Xander will be called EPIC BEARD MAN! is always raining in my game too lol, I think they went overboard with the rain. Maxis is like "LOOK PEOPLE! RAIN!" and it happens so many time.

    It's sad about Meridan giving up inventing...I mean what did she ever invent!?

    I'm happy that Pi is free. I hope the little guy has luck finding snake girls!

    Epic Beard Man has a wife! That was quick! Hope it goes well!

    Ice and Chill seem kind of maniacal! Congrats on the job!

    1. Haha Xander didn't find a wife, his beard did! ;D

      Meridian actually invented quite a lot, [which was all immediately sold because this family is forever broke] and she was just about at the top of the career but I guess she just grew tired of it. :|

      Oh my twinys are total evil, they've certainly been making life hard for the other Platforms since birth! XD

      And thanks! :3 It's not a glamorous or well paying job but at least I'm making a little spending money.

  2. Bwahah. Xander looks adorable with that beard!

    Nyeaaaa, I have a weak spot for ts3 elders... Is that weird?
    Anyway, Meridian and Bubba are too-

    1. Xander just looks a million times better bearded. ;3
      Oh I totally have a weakness for elders too and they're so much cuter when they stay together for so long~♥