Saturday, June 14, 2014

Color Me Crazy! A Berry Sweet Asylum

 I've finally got some new simmy stuff I'm excited to share with you lovelies!! Now I'm using my boyfriend's spiffy computer too, (w00t for better graphics) and I expect this will be updated every other week. As always, I'm slightly bending the rules. But the bones of the TS3 Asylum Challenge remain the same. Without further to do...

~*Welcome to Hidden Springs Home for the Berry Insane

 Jagged Ice
our hero

Jagged didn't belong here. But he also didn't exactly NOT belong here either. All he knew was that budget cuts had not only ruined his life - but the life of some far less functioning members of the asylum. He was going to prove Hidden Springs authorities wrong, rise to the very top of the corporate ladder, and build them all a haven. A haven for the insane. Honestly it all did seem a little farfetched, he couldn't blame his therapists for outright laughing in his face.

LTW - CEO of a Mega Corporation

 Persian Plum

Persian Plum spent her life lost in day dreams. Adorable and fun to be around, her enormously wealthy family spoiled the girl rotten and ignored some of her rather eccentric behavior. Until she'd been caught stealing - not once or twice - but a couple hundred valuables. The Hidden Springs Gazette latched on to the tale of the sticky-fingered heiress, and the rumors flew like a plague. The only way to protect the family name was to claim their princess mental and send her somewhere quiet "to heal."
Insane//Hates the Outdoors//Absent Minded//Childish//Kleptomaniac

Tawny Port 

To hear him tell it, Tawny was once the most successful pirate in Simdom. He spins wild tales of seafaring life and adventure, dazzling an audience in seconds. So many Hidden Springs residents had fallen for his popular con of treasure buried somewhere off Barnacle Bay (if you could just spare him a couple simoleons for the journey, he'll pay you back tenfold) that he was sent to the asylum for rehabilitation. No one's quite sure if he's a money thieving scoundrel or simply nuts. 

Insane//Hates the Outdoors//Absent Minded//Mooch//Good Sense of Humor

Raw Umber

Ms. Umber is a S T A R...or rather, she will be. Show buisness isn't all about talent, you know. Sometimes you have to take some risks! Raw certainly doesn't regret breaking into that record agent's mansion. If he'd given her some time before calling the police, she'd probably have seduced her way into stardom. But at least her name's in the papers now. All it takes is getting noticed.

Insane//Hates the Outdoors//Absent Minded//Diva//Flirty

Golden Dream

Golden hates you. But don't worry, she hates everyone. Her only comfort resides between the pages of books. Characters, even with their countless flaws, have very predictable motives and actions. Orphaned young, Miss Dream has seen that the actual residents of Hidden Springs make little to no sense and rarely follow a trope. It's all so disappointing. She checked herself into the asylum hoping to find a place away from the world. Who needs reality when fantasy is so much...cleaner?

Insane//Hates the Outdoors//Absent Minded//Bookworm//Mean Spirited

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