Saturday, July 12, 2014

Platform Legacy 2.0

I can't believe it's been over a year since my blog has seen a Platform update! ;~;

Ice: Of all the places in Sunset Valley, this is the one you choose?! You've always had horrible taste, but this is a new low!
Chill: Butbut it's all we could afford...

Unfortunately, YES Ice. You're stuck here for now. Sorry.

Ice: Uh yeah sooo romance. Long walks on the beach, woohoo in the shower - aall that good stuff.

Ice: Aaanyway, I'm a legacy heiress, you married? If not, lets just skip to the baby makin'.
Cyl0n3 Sw0rd:
Chill: What was that Xander? It's hard to hear you over all of Ice's fail.

Both the girls are really working towards their LTWs! Chill is in the athletic career,

and Ice is in the singer profession.


With one flirt, Ice destroyed any chance for a quick spouse.


Chill: Errrrgh it's like 6AM! Can't you start burning food later, I'm sooo tired.

Chill: People who look for love online...well, it's sorta desperate.
Heeeeey it worked for your creator. D:
Ice: Oh you are such a technophobe! At least I'm TRYING. What have you done to get some woohoo and move this legacy along?
Chill: whatevernevermindforgetit
Ice: WAIT are you crushing on someone??
Chill: Shuddup! I'm heading to work.

Chill was right on one front, it wasn't in the cards for Ice to find love on the web.
Ice and Gunther Goth:

Ice sure can deliver an ahmazing Sing-A-Gram while on Cloud 9

Leighton Sekemoto: Today was crazy! Ha, us Llamas always pull through though. I honestly can't wait for the championships! Hey and thanks for taking me out for some victory icecream after the big game it me-

Leighton and Chill:

Leighton: But wait Chill, what about Agnes? We just got engaged...
Chill: Are you going to kiss me again or what?

These two continued to smooch it up all night.

The next morning, the other cold twin was also involved in an affair.

Gunther: It's no secret that things have ended between
Cornelia and me. Every gossip in Sunset Valley is whispering about it. We stay together for our son Mortimer and to keep up appearances for the sake of the town. I'm so tired of it. I want love again...I just want the overwhelming loneliness to end.

Ice: That's good enough for me!!

Ice: Hold me Gunthy, my love!

Chill can you get off that little sand mound you are RUINING my pictures with your awkwardness.

Or you could just ignore me. Ugh.

Chill: If you love'll leave her. I'm not going to be a side deal.
Leighton:'ll break her heart though. Agnes has already been through so much. I do care for her, not in the same way I care for you, but I don't want to hurt her.
Chill: I know. But the way we've been carrying on is hurting me. So the choice is yours: her or me?

Notes from Autumn;;
 I've played through this update THREE TIMES in THREE DIFFERENT WORLDS. I swear the cold twins just really weren't ready to be heiresses. After such a loooong hiatus, I'm glad to bring back my favorite family though! Pluuus now I get to play on my boyfraaand's much prettier computer. :D


  1. welcome back! Also that house is the best! It was the first houses for many who played the sims 3 I bet :P

    Also Gunther Goth! Sneaky sneaky, that would be interesting to get involved with the Goth family!

    1. I'm so laaaazy when it comes to house building. ^^;
      Thanks for reading, as always, and all the warm welcome backs Aeon. It means alot! <3