Saturday, August 9, 2014

Platform Legacy 2.1

I've been working on this update since July 15th, ergh I need to improve my posting speed!

Chill: Thanks for meeting me here Leighton, I know this isn't our usual sort of date spot...

Leighton: I don't mind babe, I was jogging around the park anyway. I'm curious to know what you so desperately want to talk about though.
Chill: Well actually, I was hoping to just ask you something...uh would you like to make this thing "official" or whatever?

Chill: left your fiancee for me?!
Leighton: That's the thing, I realized that I didn't leave her for YOU but for ME. I needed out of that smothering relationship, and I'm just not ready for anything serious right now.

Ice: HEY TWINSY!! How's it going? :)
Chill: I just had the worst date of my life and I'm drowning in rejection.
Ice: Oh that's good dear - I'm glad work is going so good~ I'm only here because I somehow ~sensed Gunthy was around!
Chill: She doesn't even try to listen...

Ice: Mmmm you are totally smokin' bae.
Gunther: Uh, thanks?
Vita Alto: What a homewrecking hussy!!


Chill: *grumblegrumble* Dirtbag! I'll show him what he's missing out on. *grumblegrumble*
Ice: Ohh Gunthy! Your back looks sooo sore, let me love on you a bit~
Gunther: Why, thank you honeybun! Getting old is tiresome...

Ice: Daaaaarling you aren't old! *covers in smoochies*
Chill: UGGGGH ya'll are gross, go away!! D<

And so they did...

Ice: Shnuggles, wanna move in and start a family?
Gunther: Sure!! :D I'll find us a bigger house though, fear not, lovemuffin!

These two have the easiest relationship ever - makes me feel sorrier for Chill. :c

Gunther is seriously proud of his home selecting skillz.

Ice: *vomit* I must be knocked up! *vomit* Ohhh my kids are sooo gonna inherit. *vomit* LOL Chill is no competition!!

Mortimer visits his dad quite a bit! I wish we had space to move him in. D:

Gunther: Who's my big man? Let me pinch those cheeks~

Gunther: These are the best pancakes I've ever eaten!!
Mortimer: Pssh lol they're totally burnt old man. I guess your lady's too young to have learned to cook though.
Ice: *fumes*

Mortimer isn't exactly a fan of the woman who broke up his parent's marriage, which is understandable, I'm hopeful he'll warm up to Ice in time.

Ice: Morty...
Mortimer: It's Mortimer to you.
Ice: Uhm yes, Mortimer, I have some big news I'd like to share with you! Your father and I are expecting a baby~
Mortimer: Well duh, why else would he settle down with you?

...Yeeeah so it'll take some time...

Gunther: Don't let Morty bring you down Iceybaby! He's just nervous about being a big brother is all, and he's already been through so much change, you see. We'll all be one big family in time!
Ice: You really think so?
Gunther: I know so!

Gunther: Hunny, there is actually something I've been meaning to ask you...and I'd like to do this now, while Mortimer is with us...
Ice: Oh what is it darling?

Gunther: You've renewed life in these old bones. Ice, will you be my wife?
Ice: Yes! Yes, of course, Gunther! Yesyesyes!
Mortimer: Ew gross.

Ice: I've never been so happy Gunthy! I love you~
Mortimer: Keep your grossness down, I'm trying to watch this documentary on parasites.

Gunther: I love you even more my sweet.
Mortimer: Ew.

And how is Ice taking the news of her sister's new family?
Totally well.

Chill: OKAAAAY so maybe this stupid bachelorette party wasn't such a bad idea...
Ice: Yeah, I thought you might say that.

The party pretty much went like this:

Everyone: Yeah sure okay, more nectar please?
Chill: I think you need to back up off my future man.
Emma Hatch: I called dibs first, dreads.
Dancer: This is so the!! 8D

I picked a private wedding for these two. With Ice so late in her pregnancy and money running tight, I figured they'd like something much more simple and romantic.


Ice: Uhm yeah so what do I do with this thing now?! I totally forgot how much babies hate me...

Meet Theodore!!
Brave and Perceptive
Spooky(so fitting for a Goth XD), Frog Legs, and White

Ice chose to dive back into her career,

while Gunther chose to retire and care for little Theo. :3

Ice: I'm off on tour~~! You handle the baby, kays?
Gunther: *lesigh*

(On a side note, Story Progression gave me some real OTP feels.)

Leighton: Ice! Gunther told me I'd find you in here. I have to admit I was surprised to get your call...
Ice: Isn't he so handsome?

Leighton: Yes he is. You know I've always loved kids.
Ice: There was a time when I thought we'd have little ones of our own...

Leighton: Heh, who knows? Maybe it's not too late.
Ice: Oh yes, trust me, it's too late. I called you over here to tell you I want you out of my life, for good. No more late night woohooty calls or love letters, I'm finished with you.
Leighton: Butbut Ice, we have something special...
Ice: I'm done, understand? You know the way out.

Notes from Autumn;;
I'm going to end this update with Chill's moodlet:
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Leighton just used her to break off a relationship o.o.......That's cold! COOOLD

    oh and Ice is already starting a family...see, can never go wrong with a Goth!

    1. Leighton's NEVER been such a jerk in my previous Sunset Valleys. I'm very disappointed in him. >~>

  2. Hello, you posted on my legacy family on Reddit and I was so happy. I noticed you had your own family legacy so I took the time to read it all and love it. I especially enjoyed the gifs you had added in so funny. Thanks and if you are still updating on this family I will be happy to continue reading

    1. Oh thank you! :3 I'm happy you're liking it so far~ I'll definitely keeping posting my babies, I'm just soooo slow. ^^;