Wednesday, September 24, 2014

TS4: First Impressions!

In my opinion, TS4 is already leaps and bounds better than the mess that was TS3!
I snagged the game around four days after it was released and I've played ALOT. This is just a tiny post though, I was too focused on playing to take many pictures.

Alsoo I just noticed that every TS4 post I've made ends with a (!) My excitement is not at all apparent.

My boyfriend made the test simmy. :3
 Gregory then met Kay in the wilds of Oasis Springs.

He was not amused with being a father. ^^;

these babies are creepy!

They constantly have this expression:

I'm not much of a builder, but the build mode tools are too fun!

My brother's opinion of Kirk. XD


They went on to have four more kids, poor Kay.


Have a lovely day guys!


  1. Yeah, I'm having fun with TS4, my only issue with the game is what is not in it...but to be fair I don't think it is fair to judge a game by what's not in it. I like to judge what is in it and everything in it is pretty quality...well besides the worlds being a little on the small side.

    Thanks for sharing your gameplay though! 4 Kids and a growing family....good luck with the bills :D

    1. Sorry I missed this comment Aeon! :c It's been too long since I last logged into Blogger.

      I completely agree that the missing things do add seriously I can't get over being toddlerless. AND I NEED CUTER BABIES ;n; At least we scored pools and ghosts though.