Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Peanutbutter OWBC 0.1

I've never attempted an OWBC, lets see how this goes. 

Meet Creamy Delight Peanutbutter!
Named for the offbrand peanutbutter I was snacking on when she was created. :3
Perfectionist ~ Foodie ~ Mean ~ Alluring
LTW: Serial Romantic
She currently works as an Assistant Dishwasher.

This is Creamy Delight's barnesk home in Oasis Springs, complete with a tiny Flamingo fleet.

We seem to have stumbled upon our foundress in tactical pursuit of booty.

 Will she score with that bait?

Cody: Meh.
Apparently not...
 Creamy Delight: WTF brah, do you not see this body???

 Creamy Delight: I'm such a flippin' hawtie...right? (|||❛︵❛.)
Of course baby! Don't let this fella get to you.

Creamy Delight: You're sooo right, this guy's got no taste. Whaaatever I'm gonna gulp down some grilled cheese and forget this.

 10 minutes later...
Creamy Delight: Uhm, well now I seem to be on fire.


 Ooops, so I may have forgotten to put in a fire alarm... ^^;
 Creamy Delight: *frantically extinguishes self*

  Creamy Delight: Cody! Oh thank plumbob, can you give me a hand here???
Cody: Meh. I actually came in to watch you burn.

 Creamy Delight: Excuse me, what was that?
Cody: *terrified* WELP now that you seem to have handled that just fine by yourself, you lovely independent woman you, I'll just be heading out...

Creamy Delight: You are the worst Goddess ever.
Hunny, forgive me please!! I mean, you did make it out alive and all.
Creamy Delight: 凸(`0´)凸

Cody: ( ⚆ 0 ⚆; ) Oooooh so this wasn't the door out...
Creamy Delight: I swear to plumbob I will curb stomp yo ass.

Later that night, the hunt for the booty commenced. And what handsome stud should we happen to bump into? I think Cody has just pledged himself as babydaddy uno. ;3

Cody: About know after I went in to watch you die but you didn't? Yeah, you looked pretty stunning in that bath.
Spoken like a true poet sir.

Creamy Delight: Yeah? Well thanks! This body did require some maintenance to reach a certain level of deliciousness.

 Creamy Delight: Aaand you're not so bad yourself...

 Creamy Delight: So like, are you gonna kiss me or what?

 ( ˘ ³˘)❤

Cody: Oh, wow, that was amazing Creamy! Did you feel that spark?
 Creamy Delight: Damn boy you're a reeeally bad kisser.

 I'm not gonna lie, I love these two together. XD

Two things I adore here, the pee dance and the added detail of that cracked door. :3

Creamy Delight: Hey I should call Cody up and get laid! :D
Well, uhm, you are a foundress and all...

Cody: Well hello there beaut-
Creamy Peanutbutter: Shuddup and woohoo me!

Cody: You're the woman of my dreams Creamy~
Creamy Delight: Pssssh I knew you'd give in to my charms eventually.

After work that evening, Creamy Delight confirmed my suspicions with a pregnancy test.
Creamy Delight: Woah, hey I'm knocked up. Awesome.

 Creamy Delight: GUESS WHAT? I'm preggers!

Creamy Delight: We're gonna have a ~*BABEH.

Cody: I'm sooo excited we're starting a family together Creamy!
Creamy Delight: Yeah, yeah, massage my back some more? Kay, thanks.

This would be a romantic picture if Creamy Delight hadn't just thrown up in that bathroom literally moments before.

Creamy Delight: Mmm tell me you want some of this hotmama.
Cody: I've tapped that before and I'd tap it again. ;)

Creamy Delight: Thanks for taking me out Cody! We're having dates left and right, it's totally epic.
Cody: Well we needed to celebrate your promotion to Head Dishwasher!

Cody: Plus I wanna take care of you and our little nugget.

Cody: I have all these plans for our new little family Creamy!
Creamy Delight: *thinking* Yeah so when can I ditch him?
Creamy! Show a little compassion, this man loves you.
Cody: Wait, what was that about Goddess?
Creamy Delight: Nothing, go on.
Cody: Yeah so first we'll get married...

Creamy Delight: I'll love you forever.
Cody: *melts*

Literally two hours later...
Creamy Delight: Yeah so I think we should breakup.
Cody: Butbut...why?? You just said you'd love me forever! (´;Д;`)
Creamy Delight: Yeah well the Goddess told me to give you some compassion, so that's what I did.
*sigh* That is not what I meant.

Creamy Delight: Boy was that awkward! I'm happy to be off to work.
Cody: *loud sobbing*
Don't you feel a little bad? He's really hurting...
Creamy Delight: Oh he'll be FINE. Plus how could I be feeling bad when I just completed my Amore Amateur Milestone? Boooyeah!

After Creamy Delight left for work, Cody curled up under her covers and cried.
That poor dear, this broke my heart!  (இ﹏இ`。)

Creamy Delight: Zzzzz...
Missy get your booty up and have that baby! This is NOT how other people's Simmys handle labor. Be normal!

Creamy Delight: Woah, brah, I'm in labor?

Creamy Delight: Maaaaaan, just, ouch...

Introducing...Bacon Peanutbutter~ :3
Too bad he's not eligible for the heir vote, but I love him all the same.

Woah golly I can't get enough of the Peanutbutters! (งดี౪ดี)ง
Extras I'm hoping to score: Base Game, BoolProp Naming Scheme, Beyond Cheesy, and Matriarch

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