Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Peanutbutter OWBC 0.2

Apocalyptic Sims getting two posts in less than a week?? Impossible!

The homestead grew a little with the arrival of Bacon.

Bacon: D:
Literally his reaction to everything.

Cody: First visit with my son!! #itsaboy #soproud #newfather #parenthood #babymama #gladIstuckmyDincrazy #blessed

 Cody: Hey Creamy, we've already got 10 likes on Simstagram!!
Creamy Delight: What are you doing in here?! I'm trying to bathe.
Cody: Dawww and you're as stunning as the first time I walked in on you in the tub.
Creamy Delight: *giggle and blush* Oh just go spend time with Bacon, stupid.

Creamy Delight: Cody, there's something I'd like to talk to you about. Okay so you're over here almost everyday, which was annoying at first, but now I love it. You've done a great job helping me out with Bacon and I can't thank you enough for that.
Cody: No need for thank yous, Creamy! I promised that I'd take care of our family.
Creamy Delight: About that, see, I've started to realize what a big mistake I made. I want us to get back together. I love you.
Cody: Oh Creamy, no. I'm sorry, but no. Not ever again.

Cody: You smashed my heart to bits when you left me. Of course I still love you, and I want to be around for Bacon, but I can't put myself through the misery of dating you again. We can be friends, but nothing more.
Creamy Delight: Oh. Well I understand of course...friends then?
Cody: Friends.
I hate this. I know it's best for Creamy Delight's LTW, but dang it, I want them together! They're always autonomously hugging and joking around with eachother, it's so cute. But everytime she tries something ~really romantic~ Cody shoots it down. Waaaaah. ;n;

Bacon: So why did I just pop out of my crib with the ability to walk and talk? It's just stupid that toddlers weren't included in the base game.
Cody: You're growing like a weed Bacon! *whispers* Shhh, you must learn to respect the fourth wall son.

Bacon's big kid room. :3
He rolled Creative and a free pick aspiration. I choose Artistic Prodigy.

Still stinging from Cody's rejection, Creamy Delight visited Rattlesnake Juice to drink her problems away.

Aaand make a couple of mistakes.

 Bob: Eliza's gonna murder me.

 Bacon, why do you draw with your eyes closed?
Bacon: Because I'm channeling the inspiration through me, Goddess. Duh! That's how all artists make art.
Oh. Yes, of course.

Somehow Creamy Delight always scores high on her and Bob's dates. Despite spending them drunk and mostly passed out. :|

This pairing makes my skin crawl...they just don't click. Like at all.

At least Creamy Delight's still got her charm.  (੭ˊ͈ ꒵ˋ͈)੭̸*✧⁺˚

Creamy Delight: We've spent a great couple of days together Bob-o...want me to show you how good I am between the sheets?
Bob: FINALLY. *slowfistpump*
Can I just say I LOVE this animation. Totally how me and the boyfriend initiate our sexytimes too. ;3

 Creamy Delight: *groooan* I'm pregnant again.
Stay strong sweets, only one more after this one!
Creamy Delight: *louder groan*

Bacon has trouble making friends...

Creamy Delight: Nice to meet you. Where you been? I could show you incredible things; magic, madness, heaven, sin. Saw you there and I thought "oh my god", look at that face, you look like my next mistake.
 Aiden: Uhm...miss, why are you singing at me?
Creamy Delight: Love's a game, wanna play? (⌒.−)=

Aiden: You know what, you're kooky. And I'm in a fedora. Wanna be my manic pixie dream girl?
Creamy Delight: I love The Smiths! 

Well things progressed quickly for these two!


Bacon: "Look at my red pants, and knit sweaters, I'm such a hipster!"
Aiden: Hey now kid, it's rude to call people hipsters.
Bacon: Oh is there a new name for them now? I've probably never heard of it.
Bacon's not a fan of his mother's lovers. XD

Creamy Delight: You've been so loving Aiden! And this isn't even your kid.
Aiden: Don't worry, the next one will be.
Creamy Delight: *swoon* Wanna make this thing official?

Creamy Delight: MCM❤ #newboyfriend #allmine #backoffladies #mmmmhotness

Aiden: Woohoo?
Creamy Delight: Woohoo!

Literally all they do. XD

Bacon's finally made a friend! :D 
Also I adore the little neighborhood details, like that plane in the distance.

Introducing Ostrich Peanutbutter~
Another boy! I'm crossing my fingers for a girl next or no Matriarch bonus.

These two got RIGHT to work on knocking Creamy Delight up again.

With success!
Creamy Delight:
And it will be her last! Really Creamy Delight's just not made for mothering. She's falling behind on her LTW, the family is low on funds, and she's in a negative mood literally every day. More spawn would kill her.

Aiden: Your mother is getting some much deserved rest. So I figure I should be the one to tell you the good news: we're gonna have a baby!!
Bacon: Didn't she just have one?
Aiden: Well pal, yes. But aren't you excited to be a big brother to TWO babies?
Bacon: No.
Aiden: Now Ba-
Bacon: And don't call me pal.

Bacon: And then he begged mom to take him to the coffee shop because he just "couldn't survive" without his daily mocha intake. Hipsters are hilarious!
Bacon's really been coming out of his shell since Creamy Delight met Aiden. Because he'd rather be outside then around him, buuut I'm just glad he's got a couple of neighborhood friends now. 

I'm also super happy he has such a great relationship with his dad! :3 I don't think Ostrich will be that lucky, since Bob has disappeared since his conception, which is sad.

Creamy Delight:
Ostrich: *SCREAM*

Creamy Delight: So Aiden, we need to talk.
Aiden: About what?

Creamy Delight: We're over~~ Sorry, but I think a breakup is just for the best.
Aiden: Wait, what?? I thought we had something...magical....
Creamy: Ehhhh well, what are manic pixie dream girls good for if not breaking innocent protagonists hearts?

Sooo the violin now, Bacon?
Bacon: I'm getting older! It's time I become a musician. That's how you get girls, ya know.
Mmhmm...well you're close to completing your child aspiration, so you just go on believing you'll catch all the ladies with your violin skillz.

Creamy Delight: So look Aiden, I'm not having our baby just yet.
Aiden: Yeah...I can see that.
Creamy Delight: I invited you over to apologize though! I know we ended rough...well at least for you...and I don't want you to avoid our baby for that reason. Can you forgive me?
Aiden: After I rushed here for a "huge emergency", I'm a little annoyed. But yeah, I'll forgive you. Or at least try to remain civil for the sake of our future baby. Can I get back to work now?

I'll leave you guys with a picture of Bacon being the ahmaaaazing big brother he is.
Bacon: I know things are a little hectic around here, Ostrich. But don't worry, mom dumped that hipster scum and soon we'll have a new little sibling! You'll be a big brother just like me! Though I'll always stink less than you, just saying.

Let's hope the next one is a girl!!
Thank plumbob Creamy Delight doesn't need to breakup with any more fellas for her LTW, it's causing a lot of household strain.

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