Sunday, February 8, 2015

Stratford Street Apartments

Hi guys! :3
Soo I finally got my own 2DS and tons of games for Christmas, thanks to my badass boyfriend, so simmies has taken to the back burner for now. As an apology gift, I thought I'd share this~

The shell has stayed almost exactly the same, since I adored the style, but has been made to hold three apartments. The smallest of which comes decorated.

Sorry for the crappy preview quality! ^^;
Apartment 1: Tiniest, decorated for Miss Bianca in my game, has one bedroom and one bath.
Apartment 2: Medium sized, two floors with one bedroom and two baths.
Apartment 3: Largest, two floors with two bedrooms and two baths.
 Very affordable at $836-$1,278 Minimal CC is included, but only for apartment unit decoration so totally optional with Clean Installer.


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