Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Nix Round Robin ISBI: Chapter 1

Introducing the save in which everything that could go wrong, does. ~.~

This is the final update I'll post of these guys due to the issues explained here. But look for more updates soon by my fantastic coplayers!

Meet Eliana Nix, made by the amazing Sam, founder of a new Round Robin ISBI over at Boolprop! 

Big Happy Family

She starts her generation off by immediately man hunting.

This handsome bachelor here, named Santino, immediately fell for Eliana's charms.

Santino: You're the true work of art in this gallery. ;)
Eliana: Yeeeah...that's not really doing it for me, sorry.

Santino: Ha okay, well let me start over. What's that thing above your head.
Eliana: Oh, a plumbob! Don't worry, it's a playable thing soo you'll never quite understand.
Santino: Um alright then?

They soon traveled to the more intimate setting of Eliana's pad.
Can I just say how much I adore the Gallery? This place is a starter!

Eliana: Heheh scooore~
Santino: What was that sweets?
Eliana: Nothing!

Eliana: So I know we just met but can I maybesorta kiss you?
Santino: Of cour-

Eliana: Well uhm, was that good?

Santino: Wowzas I think I'm in love! *swoon*

Woahwoahwoah there missy, woohooing on the FIRST DATE?? For shaaame!
Not that your SimGoddess can judge, I mean whaaaat.

The next day Eliana took a pregnancy test and got this... :c
I HATE that "failed to conceive" moodlet, as someone who struggles with infertility, it breaks my heart. Soo I decided it was a sign that Eliana was ready to kick her generation into top speed!

Eliana: So I invited you over to vent about how upset I am that we won't be having a cradle here anytime soon!
Santino: I didn't know we were trying?? I mean we just met!

He was very, very easily swayed by the concept of lots of woohoo though. ^^;

Eliana: Hey since we're starting a family and all, wanna be my boyfriend?
Santino: Of course!
Eliana and Santino: *Squeeeee~ then more woohoo*

YAY~ ੭•̀ω•́)੭̸*⁺˚

Eliana: Well I'm finally pregnant hunny...
Santino: That's wonderful news babe!!
Eliana: I was hoping you'd make this day even better by also becoming my husband?

Santino: I've been in love with you since the second I saw you.

Santino: And now I want nothing more than to grow all old and wrinkly with you.
Newscaster on TV: *DISGUST*

I love these two. :')

Introducing Santino Nix as the Founder's Spouse!

Musical Genius

Okay so here I had to reinstall my games, aggressive eyeroll. I was jonesing to play but I only had the basegame up and running, meaning I had to give Eliana a very temporary makeover. I had too much fun dressing her up though 'cause she's such a cutiepatootie. :3

Ain't no rest for the only controllable in the household.

Like something about these two is so perfect. °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° They are always chatting and flirting, ugh I am drowning in deep OTP feels.

Meet little Trinity!!
(Oh and she has her daddy's skintone, it just looks darker on infants.)

The night she was born, our lovebirds rushed off to create her a sibling.
...and then things went haywrire...

The next morning these two popped up in the family panel.
Instant reaction: ????!!!!???WHAT????!!!!!???

So it appears my samesex pregnancy mod decided Santino should have TWIN BOYS too. >.>

So along come Devon and Brennan.
I fought over whether these two should even remain in the household, let alone be up for the heir poll, when I decided that it should be up to the Round Robin ladies and I should suffer through with it. But I just don't like them.

Girrrl you are knocked up while caring for three infants, wipe that grin off your face.

Being the only controllable in this house is murder for poor Eliana. :c

Thankfully Santino autonomously helps her out! :')

They are ALMOST precious when sleeping.
Theeeen one of them wakes up and I'm just done. D:

I was so excited to have Outdoor Retreat reinstalled that I didn't even notice bae's haircolor changed until editing! Ugh.


I'm so sorry I fail you as a SimGoddess hunny. ;n;

And we leave these two to the thrill of raising three infants through a pregnancy.
 (Spoiler Alert: It was brutal, waaaaaah)

 In the next post I'll have a picture of the kidlets aaaand the heir poll~

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