Friday, September 8, 2017

The Pleasant & The View [Season 1] - Broke

We kick this new venture off with a redux of the Brokes!
Featuring Dustin being the best big brother ever.

The pregnancy I will forever loathe. 😫

Dustin being happy for his mom is the sweetest thing~

Nonono noogies do NOT get girls, Dustin. 😆

With a push in the right direction, he was able to turn things around though. 💋
Too bad I doubt these two will last long this time round. The chemistry just isn't there.

Brandi: 😓
This pregnancy is always terrible. Yeah girl, I get it.

Small party for Beau because Brandi was exhausted.


Brandi: You seriously woke me up for this????

As usual, I was counting down the hours until baby Broke's arrival too.

During dinner later that night, the time had finally come!

Dustin: Oh hey mom, you busy?

Brandi: UHM YES?? Little help???

Dustin: Hmm well sorry Ma I'm really hungry sooo...
Beau: MOM, can you hurry up already?? I'm BORED

These boys, I swear. 😒

Welcome to Pleasantview, wittle Bethany!

Beth and her mommy are already so close. 💕

In case you were wondering how Brandi was able to stay home and keep the trailer afloat.
Dustin's questionably legal pursuits have them rolling in cash.

Lucy: Wow, something smells good!
Beau: Yeeah, mom likes to make us food and then sleep in it.
Lucy: I don't think she likes to Beau...has baby Beth been sleeping well?

Plopped one of these in the yard to help Brandi get by.
Beau was happy too, work and school have been rough on him.

These two had been lightly flirting throughout the last few days,
but I wanted to see if it'd become anything serious and...

instantaneous love confessions happened the moment their date started. 💘

Not to mention other activities...
They made things official!

We finish the round with Dustin MAKING MY HEART STOP 😨 but he wound up okay.

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